A Glimpse into the new Tapcheck website

Tapcheck Team   April 25, 2021

Tapcheck customers may notice a new look to the Tapcheck website; the company recently unveiled a new website to meet the growing need for its on-demand payment program for companies and their employees. 

“This new site is a reflection of how much the on-demand payment program is growing in popularity among employers,” said Kayling Gaver, Chief Operating Officer. “More and more employers are realizing that providing simple benefits like on-demand pay can not only boost employee morale and retention, but also have a positive impact on their own bottom line. This site was built to make understanding on-demand pay and the importance of financial wellness easier for employers and employees alike.”

The new website offers a number of new features to help both employers and employees quickly find the services they need, as well as a number of resources to encourage positive interactions and relationships between the two groups. 

Here is a breakdown of what you can find on the new site: 

A new, engaging design

One of the first things users may notice is the new design, creating a lot of movement and brightness to give your computer screen a boost. But more than that, the site offers an easy-to-use navigation that quickly helps users find whatever they may be looking for—whether that is employer resources, the mobile app download, or the list of benefits.

Better employee engagement

With the new site, employees have quick access to the tools they need. From the mobile app download, to a list of benefits and an easy sign up for services, they won’t need to wade through information to quickly sign up and use Tapcheck for themselves. As an added benefit, employees whose company doesn’t currently use the Tapcheck program have a way to request it from their employer, or to check and see if their employer offers the services

More employer resources 

Between the financial calculator, new blogs and the White Papers resources found on the new site, employers using Tapcheck (or considering it) can find a wealth of information on employee benefits, retention and EWA (Earned Wage Access)

Better connections

Because Tapcheck is your partner in providing earned wage access and increased benefits, we want to get to know you better. Learn more about the Tapcheck team on our team page, read through our FAQs to learn more about what Tapcheck has to offer, or reach out and contact us with any questions. 

Preferred partners

For companies working with their own clients’ payroll—including payroll providers, benefits managers, staffing companies and others—our new site outlines some of the benefits of becoming a Tapcheck partner. Join companies like ADP, McDonalds and more in using Tapcheck for their workforce needs, and learn more about our partnership program on the site.

Tapcheck Team