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Reduce Hourly Worker Turnover In 4 Unique Ways

Tapcheck Team   October 13, 2021

Retaining reliable and hardworking hourly employees can be difficult in a competitive job market. That’s why it is so important for employers to ensure that employees feel valued and enjoy their workplace to reduce hourly worker turnover.

4 Ways to Reduce Hourly Worker Turnover

1. Create a Sense of Community

Promoting a community-centered work environment boosts employee morale. People want to feel excited and energized when they come to work, and they want a positive environment where they can build friendships with other employees.

A few great ways to encourage a healthy workplace culture is to plan team outings, volunteer together as a team, and host team work challenges. Whether it’s a monthly after-work social or kickball game, these types of activities help to break the ice and allow employees to build relationships and feel a sense of belonging. 

2. Offer Must-Have Benefits

Your employees want to know that they are valued. Another key to reducing hourly worker turnover is to provide employees benefits that meet their needs. Health and dental insurance, paid time off, medical leave, and 401(k) matching are just a few examples of benefits that are becoming expected in the workplace.  

3. Pay Fair Wages

Money provides your employees with the financial freedom to make decisions that make sense for them. The way you pay your employees shapes their perception of your company. Paying your workers a competitive wage goes a long way in ensuring employee loyalty and retention. 

Companies will have more and more difficulty retaining talent as the job market continues to be competitive. People know their worth, and it’s important to show that you do too. This will go a long way in retaining high-quality talent. 

4. Promote From Within

Employees love to know that upward mobility is an option in their job. Most workers do not aim to stay in an entry-level position permanently, which is why it is so important to offer paths to promotion. Promoting employees shows that your company values loyalty and hard work. Providing people with an opportunity to grow within their existing role will reduce turnover and the need to hire external talent. 

Happy, engaged, and loyal employees are the hallmark of a healthy company. These types of measures will go a long way toward making your workplace a place that attracts and retains great employees.

Tapcheck Team

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