What is Earned Wage Access?

Earned Wage Access is also often called On-demand pay. As it sounds, it means paying employees for work as they earn it. Instead of waiting weekly or biweekly for total worked hours to be paid, on-demand pay pays out as needed.

This kind of earned wage access will cost nothing additional to employers, but can greatly improve worker morale. Instead of having to wait for a single check to clear, on demand pay is the gateway to financial wellness. This further empowers employees to take control of their finances.

Tapcheck is free for businesses and can enhance team performance by letting employees access their earned wages whenever they want. This can lessen worker stress, and even increase profits for your business. This translates to an average 49% increase in employee productivity and a 74% reduction in absenteeism for businesses using Tapcheck.

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Maximum Benefit. Minimal Effort. Zero Cost.

Earned wage access should be beneficial for employers, as well as employees. We’ve designed our Tapcheck systems to integrate seamlessly with existing payroll services, which means HR departments don’t have to worry about increased work or responsibilities. Tapcheck makes on-demand pay simple.

No Cost for Businesses

Tapcheck is 100% free for businesses. Offer your employees increased financial flexibility with no cost to the bottom line.

On-Demand Pay

Employees can access earnings before payday. Simply log into the app and transfer the available amount you need.

Instant Transfers 24/7

Employees can transfer wages they’ve already earned whenever they need them and receive their requested funds within minutes.

Low Fees for Employees

Employees only pay a common fee per transaction, same as ATM fees, and cannot avoid paying interest rates that start a debt spiral like traditional payday lenders.

100% Online

Tapcheck integrates with any payroll system and gives employees the ability to access their earnings online via the Tapcheck website or from any smartphone with our app, which is available in both Google Play and the App Store.

No Credit Checks

Employees don’t have to worry about getting approved for accessing their earning with Tapcheck. Transfers are based on the money they’ve already earned.