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Hiring Seasonal Workers: Attract Employees With Benefits

Tapcheck Team   November 06, 2020

Seasonal employment is undergoing a shift this year, as businesses must compete for employees who have more options than ever before. Companies are finding the process of hiring seasonal workers increasingly challenging, so many are trying to attract workers with different types of seasonal employee benefits. Earned wage access is one benefit that can be offered to employees that helps businesses save money. 

Challenges in Hiring Seasonal Workers

Like previous years, thousands of seasonal jobs are available at retailers, warehouses, and businesses that see demand spikes at the end of the year. However, unlike in previous years, businesses are having difficulty finding and hiring seasonal workers to fill all the jobs available. 

There are a few reasons for the hiring difficulties among seasonal workers, despite the millions of unemployed people because of the pandemic. The first is there is increased competition for jobs between companies. Also, workers are concerned about COVID-19. Plus, many cannot find or afford childcare now. 

And COVID influenced what jobs are available. There are more work-from-home or remote positions advertised every day.

Offer Earned Wage Access to Attract Seasonal Employees

Many companies have added benefits to entice seasonal employees, including having a backup for childcare, flexible hours, and discounted flu shots.

Sharp companies can instantly make themselves more competitive by offering earned wage access either in conjunction with other work perks or on its own. EWA allows workers to access the money they’ve already earned for a small fee. Unlike the other benefits, EWA does not cost employers anything<./span> Benefits of EWA For Seasonal EmployeesEWA is attractive to employees, and ty it’s become such an excellent recruiting tool for companies that offer it. For example, employees often need money immediately to cover emergency expenses or bills. Rather then getting a payday loan or risking extra fees on bounced checks, employees can access the money they’ve already made by using EWA.

EWA is a contactless way to pay employees, which can make them feel safer during the pandemic.

As competition increases to hire seasonal workers, businesses can make themselves more attractive to potential employees by offering EWA as a payment option. EWA allows employees to access the money they’ve already earned quickly while helping a business reduce its recruiting costs.

Tapcheck Team

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