Tapcheck Joins ADP® Marketplace to Offer Workers Financial Flexibility

Tapcheck Team May 24, 2021

ADP® customers can now offer their employees on-demand pay at no cost or risk


Tapcheck, a simple and easy-to-integrate financial wellness benefit that allows employers to give employees the ability to access their earned wages before payday, is now available on the ADP Marketplace. ADP customers can now offer their workers an on-demand pay benefit that improves financial wellness, workforce retention, and business productivity.

Through RUN Powered by ADP®, small businesses can easily integrate Tapcheck at no cost or risk. Tapcheck boosts an organization’s value for employees by offering the same compelling benefits that often are more accessible at larger competitors.

From integration to implementation and employee rollout, Tapcheck handles the entire process and provides extensive user support to ensure a smooth experience. As Tapcheck integrates seamlessly with existing payroll and HR processes, there are no new procedures to follow and no adjustments to be made.

“Partnering with ADP® enables Tapcheck to further deliver on its mission to transform corporation purpose to one that prioritizes the best interest of employees,” said Ron Gaver, Tapcheck Co-founder. “We are excited to help ADP® customers provide their workforce with the flexible support they need to achieve financial wellness.”

More information about Tapcheck on ADP® Marketplace can be found here.

About Tapcheck

Tapcheck is a financial wellness benefit that allows employees to access their earnings before payday. Available at no cost to employers, Tapcheck uses an intuitive mobile app to give workers greater control over their finances, which reduces their stress at home and increases their productivity at work. And thanks to Tapcheck’s seamless integration with existing payroll programs, employers who incorporate on-demand earnings into their employee benefits packages find it to be a cost-effective way to distinguish their company from competitors, reduce turnover rates, and provide the financial flexibility that employees want. For more information, visit https://www.tapcheck.com/.

Tapcheck Team