On-Demand Pay: A Smarter Way to Pay

When your employees are worried about money at home, that stress carries over to the workplace, impacting their on-the-job productivity and leading to increased absenteeism and higher turnover rates.

Improve Business Performance & Empower Employees With Earned Wage Access

Employees are more productive when they feel valued by their employer. Our on-demand pay benefit gives you a no-cost way to enhance your team’s performance. Free for businesses, Tapcheck uses an intuitive app to let your workers access their earned wages whenever they want. By adding our risk-free program to your company’s benefits package, you can increase employee loyalty and productivity without adding any expense to your bottom line.

Tap into your Financial Wellness

Tapcheck is available at no cost to employers and seamlessly integrates with existing payroll providers.
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Put financial freedom in the palm of your hand, letting you access your earnings on-demand.
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Enhance Your Enterprise-Level Performance

By reducing employee financial stress, our on-demand pay benefit helps your team members focus and perform better at work. And since Tapcheck is available at no charge to your company, you can achieve measurable benefits without hurting your bottom line.

Increased productivity

Stress-free employees provide better service and work more efficiently. This improved productivity can translate to satisfied customers and increased revenues.

Lower HR expenses

When employees feel valued by their employer, they stay longer and work harder, resulting in less turnover and lower training costs.

Higher profits

By improving employee productivity and limiting HR-related expenses at no additional cost, an earned wage access benefit offers a risk-free way to boost company profits.

Elevate HR Effectiveness with EWA


Receive twice as many applicants and reduce time to hire for open positions within your company.


Cut turnover in half by helping employees experience higher job satisfaction that makes them less sensitive to small wage increases offered by competitors.

Expense Control

Lower turnover means less expense for filling open positions and a lower need for recruiters/headhunters. Lower absenteeism means less need for temporary staff.


Reduce absenteeism, increase productivity, and maintain an experienced workforce with established institutional knowledge.

Improve HR Performance

Become an “Employer of Choice” with On-Demand Pay

Stress-free employees are more productive. By partnering with Tapcheck to give your employees on-demand earned wage access, you can create a positive company culture and provide many of the qualities that high-performing people look for in a job opportunity.

Job Security

When they can get the money they earned whenever they need it, employees don’t have to change jobs or chase small hourly pay increases.

Empowerment & Authority

Giving people instant access to their wages gives them a sense of control and eases their financial stress.

Work-Life Balance

On-demand pay encourages a healthy work-life balance by reducing much of the stress associated with living paycheck-to-paycheck.



increase in applicants

Measurable Impact

Earned Wage Access By the Numbers



reduction in employee turnover


reduction in absenteeism



of employees pay bills on time with on-demand pay


of workers spend 3 or more work hours per week focused on their financial challenges



average increase in employee productivity


of employees would work longer for a company that offers on-demand pay

1. Visa Insights 2019. Earned Wage Access Report.

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