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Everyone Deserves Financial Freedom. Help Them Find It.

We’re giving everyday people a better way to get paid — an innovative way that improves the lives of employees, increases business productivity, and makes a positive difference in communities. To accomplish our mission, we’re hiring motivated people who not only have an aptitude for growth but possess the entrepreneurial drive to proactively achieve it.

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What is Tapcheck All About?

Tapcheck is a digital platform offering an easy and convenient way for employees to access on-demand earnings early at no cost to employers.

Financial Control for Employees

On-demand pay reduces employee financial stress by letting them access the earnings whenever they need them.

Higher Profits for Businesses

Employers can increase productivity, lower turnover, and reduce absenteeism without adding any expense to their bottom line.

Stronger Growth for Communities

When the workers and businesses are financial healthy, they can give back to their community and create a better society for everyone.


You are valued.

Every Tapcheck team member brings a unique skill set and perspective from their personal life and professional experiences. We value that diversity and encourage you to speak up, share your ideas, and voice your opinions. Our mission is bold, and our goals are ambitious. To accomplish those goals, it will take all of us working together as a collaborative team.

We’ve got your back.

At Tapcheck, we empower our team members, take great pride in our work, and know that our greatest accomplishments happen when we work together. We also believe that helping every Tapcheck employee reach their potential is the greatest investment we can make. Driven by this belief, we provide our team members with an exceptional employee experience through a collaborative workplace, complete benefits offerings, employee engagement, and inclusion initiatives.

Tapcheck Core Principles

We are committed to living out our values every day. This is how we do it.

We commit to learning.

We strive to be the best by hiring driven people with an aptitude for growth and the entrepreneurial spirit to proactively develop new solutions for our company and our clients.

We focus on impact.

We arrive every day inspired to deliver practical solutions that make a positive difference in the lives of employees, encourage the growth of their employers, and deliver the best solutions possible.

We move forward together.

We empower our employees to actively pursue progress with our clients’ best interests in mind, and we take pride in knowing our best work is done together.

We personalize every experience.

We operate with empathy, enhancing the lives of our customers, partners, and team members by taking the time to understand their unique challenges and tailor suitable solutions that fit their needs.

We lead by serving.

By providing excellent services to our customers, we prioritize their growth and success. In turn, we become knows as a valuable partner that drives companies’ growth and workers’ financial wellness.

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Executive Administrative Assistant

Los Angeles Metropolitan Area


Administrative Assistant

Los Angeles Metropolitan Area


Account Executive

Los Angeles Metropolitan Area


Customer Service Representative

Los Angeles Metropolitan Area


Account Manager

Los Angeles Metropolitan Area


Sales Development Representative

Los Angeles Metropolitan Area


Tell Us About Yourself

If you love what we’re doing here at Tapcheck but don’t see a position you’re interested in right now, that’s ok. Send us your resume, and let us know what lights your fire. We’re always looking for passionate people who believe in themselves and want to help us transform lives through financial wellness!

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