Who are we?

Tapcheck improves employee financial wellness & the employer’s bottom line.

Tapcheck is a team of experienced professionals who believe that empowering individuals is an effective way for companies to strengthen their bottom line and make a difference that extends beyond the workplace. As experts in the fields of financial technology and human resources, we help companies across the country promote financial wellness and improve business performance by giving their employees the financial flexibility of earned wage access.

Meet the team
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About Us

Tapcheck was founded on the belief that employers can achieve professional success by caring for their employees’ personal needs. In their previous businesses, Tapcheck founders, Ron and Kayling Gaver noticed that when they offered cash advances to help their team members cover expenses, employee loyalty and productivity improved — as did the business’ overall performance and profitability. This realization inspired them to launch Tapcheck’s innovative earned wage access solution to help other employers experience the same benefits.

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Financial peace of mind for employees

The majority of Americans live paycheck-to-paycheck, and about half of them experience health issues due to financial stress. By offering employees instant access to the wages they’ve already earned, we reduce the stress that impacts everything from their personal life to their professional productivity.

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Enhanced performance for employers

Through our innovative app and seamless payroll integration process, we give companies a no-cost, risk-free way to boost profitability by lowering turnover, improving productivity, and minimizing the expenses commonly associated with employee financial stress.

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Ground-breaking Solutions That Earn Acclaim

Tapcheck earned wage access helps employers empower their workers. That’s a remarkable accomplishment, and people take notice. While our primary goal is to help individuals and businesses succeed, it’s a great honor to receive recognition for making a difference.

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We’re all in this together.

We believe that in order for employees to reach their full potential, their basic needs must be met. We also know that profitable businesses are good for employers and employees alike. Through our on-demand pay benefit, we give employees the financial flexibility they need to manage life’s day-to-day expenses, which reduces their stress and empowers them to be productive at work.

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